The Black Lives Matter Project: A Call To Creatives.

A call to action and a response for how Black lives have meaning and value in today’s society.

Prompt: What does #BLACKLIVESMATTER mean to you?

DEADLINE: December 1, 2015 (subject to change)

EXHIBITION DATES: January 28 – February 28, 2016

LOCATION: MCLA Gallery 51 51 Main Street, North Adams, MA 01247

CURATORS: Melanie Mowinski and Frances Jones-Sneed

PROJECT INTERN: Brittany Lang & Kristi Alexander

Submission Link:

ENTRY DEADLINE: December 1, 2015

EXHIBITION STATEMENT: MCLA Gallery 51 is pleased to announce a call for entries for the Black Lives Matter Project. This exhibition will examine how art can ignite conversation between artist and viewer, viewer and viewer and viewer and self. It is open to artists working in all mediums, especially (but not limited to) painting, printmaking, sculpture, artist books (zines) and installation that utilizes any of these techniques. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional based works will be accepted.

Artists are encouraged to explore from the literal to the conceptual underpinnings of The Black Lives Matter Movement that seeks to examine the impact of state and national violence on black lives.

We invite submissions that encourage and incite conversation about race relations, the importance of black lives, and proposals for what we each must do to make a difference in our society.

Please include an image list with your jpeg submission email, indicating submission number, title, size, process, and year. Including a brief artist bio, a statement that addresses how your work relates to the Exhibition Statement.

Each .jpg should be 1200 pixels in the long dimension and named as “#_NAME.jpeg” where # is the submission number and NAME is your last name.

If you need inspiration see the following links:

Black Lives Matter Art Display at MoMA


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